Do you have guides on how to setup your service?

Do you have a list of channels you offer?

  • Yes, please see them here: (note: we constantly add content so this is a sample list)

Where can I see the prices/packages you offer?

  • At our store:

How long does it take to activate the service once I pay?

  • Most of our orders are completed within minutes.
  • However, it may take from 4 – 12 hours for your account to be activated in case of a backlog of orders

What payment methods do you offer?

  • We accept crypto currency (bitcoin, litecoin etc.) on our site to maintain your privacy
  • We also accept credit cards. Please message us on discord if this interests you

We support the following major crypto currencies:

Where do i buy bitcoin?

There are several places to buy bitcoin:

I am a noob at IPTV, which hardware is best for me?

  • A MAG256, Dreamlink T2 or Formuler Z7+ are ideal for newbies because they have a simpler user interface
  • An android box like the Nvidia Shield or Xiaomi Mi Box offer more flexibility if you do not care about the simplest interface

Do you support M3U playlists & Smart TV app?

  • Yes

Do you support Roku?

  • If you can find a working m3u playlist app on roku, our service will work on it
  • It’s generally better to invest in an android device like a fire tv, mi box or nvidia shield to avoid the hassle

How many connections do you allow?

  • Our customers can enjoy up to 5 simultaneous streams (aka devices) only 4 of which can be a MAG/Dreamlink type STB device

Do you have catchup, VOD, 4k content and PPV?

  • We have 3 day catchup
  • A huge collection of video on demand content (movies, TV shows and 4k content)
  • We have all PPV and sports content included in our package

Can I watch TV on my computer?